Kressesieb Ø 12cm grün - Eschenfelder

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Kressesieb Ø 12cm mit Edelstahlsieb und Keramikschale grün - Eschenfelder

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The dried roots cut into pieces can be chewed just so to suck out the licorice juice. But pieces of licorice root are also suitable for cooking, for example, beetroot and other vegetables, stews or soups (remove the root before serving). Of course, you can also grate licorice: finely grated, it flavors and sweetens desserts and other sweet dishes. Also, small pieces of the root can be brewed and enjoyed as a tea (pour about 1 - 2 g with boiling water and steep for 10 - 15 minutes). Packaged in Switzerland.

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The airy, crunchy and 100% organic family snack made from corn.
For children from 6 months, no crumbs, melts in the mouth. Also suitable for people with non-insulin-dependent diabetes, food allergies and coeliac disease. No additives, made from 100% organic maize, gluten-free and lactose-free.